Clinic Management System

How does a Clinic Management System work? Features and Modules.

Clinic Management System

Patients who prefer to be on the go and consult more than one doctor prefer hospitals. For a patient who wants to see a specialist without having to wait for a prolonged period of time, having a Clinic Management System is the best option. Clinics play an important role in providing healthcare in remote areas where hospital facilities are not readily accessible.

Every clinic has doctors and nurses, as well as a constant stream of patients. It could prove challenging to keep track of a patient’s medical history and give the best care for a prolonged period. In this instance, a clinic management system comes into play, making it simple for clinic employees to use CMS/HMS modules and features that give transparency to both doctors and patients.

Clinic Management System is built to meet strict security, technical, and functionality requirements. These systems are up to date and maintain electronic medical records.

Clinics and doctors use these systems to keep track of patient records, appointments, the doctor’s schedule and prescriptions, pharmacy inventory, billing, etc. Data can be accessed from anywhere in the world as it is digital.

Why is the clinic management system important?

Both patients and health practitioners benefit from the Clinic Management System. It’s a great chance to increase the quality of medical aid. As a result, it should be mandated in everyday clinical practice. Clinic management system has several advantages;

  • The information about the patients can be simply backed up. Even if the patient has misplaced his/her medical records, he/she can retrieve the information from the database anytime from anywhere.
  • Access control protects patient information from tampering.
  • All information is secure and private.
  • Provides a well-organized schedule.
  • Clinic management facilitates clinical duties such as panel billing, inventory management, and accounting.
  • As a clinic’s productivity and efficiency improve, it reaps the rewards.
  • Clinic management benefits not only the doctor but also the clerk, the nurse, the administrator, and the clinic owner.
  • Doctors and clinic assistants can use it to handle patient data, medicine stock, appointments, as well as generate reports.

Features of Clinic Management System

Electronic Medical Record

Manage patients’ medical histories with adjustable multi-speciality support in the EMR. Through role-based access constraints, the EMR makes it simple to retrieve patient summaries while guaranteeing high confidentiality of patient records. Document pertinent medical history by scanning and uploading papers from other clinic visits to EMR.

Appointment Scheduling

Appointment registration through a mobile app or phone is possible. Doctors’ availability is displayed in the form of time slots, which allows patients to schedule appointments at times that are convenient for them. Appointments can be made in three ways: over the phone, online, or in person. Patients can receive appointment reminders by push notifications, SMS, WhatsApp, and/or email. Appointment cancellation, rescheduling, and switching are all supported by the system. Colour-coded calendar entries make it simple to schedule doctors, employees, equipment, resources, and rooms. Drag-and-drop scheduling, configurable calendar views, and multi-practice clinics are all supported.

Dedicated App- Appointment Booking via App

Patients can use the mobile app to schedule appointments and view doctor/clinic hours. Patients can also access reports, billing information, discount codes, and reminder notifications.

Go to Management

With easy access to important medical history, the patient can easily manage continuing care, observations, prescriptions, and follow-ups. Patient mobility between reception, insurance desk, consultation, and examination rooms can be controlled using a configurable workflow. To better collaborate with external doctors and clinics, keep track of referrals.


Create numerous schemes/policies for insurance providers, as well as scheme-based pricing for services. There is a provision for patients to get pre-approval. Claims should be grouped for each insurer/policy to make processing easier. Claims raised, reimbursed, and ageing reports are all kept up to date.

Operational Modules

Accounting: Maintain control over assets, costs, and accounts through accounting and asset management. Automated AP/AR entries are connected with the accounting module via the procurement/sales process. Depreciation should be calculated for each capital asset. For effective financial and expense management, comprehensive reports are required.

Pharmacy & Inventory: Complete inventory management suite for multi-location clinics/pharmacies, barcode-based medicine dispensation & sales, stock modifications, expirations, consumables management, and material distribution to departments. Create and manage purchase orders, GRNs, invoicing, and payment requirements. Insights into consumption/sale patterns can be gained using advanced inventory reports.

Human Resource Management: Manage all personnel information, payroll (connected with accounting module), leave policy, departmental hierarchy, position assignment, and time-sheet management from a single location.

Location Management: Using a role-based access system, users such as front desk staff and doctors can control clinics at multiple locations from anywhere.


The demand for economical and easy-to-use technology in the healthcare industry is growing to improve patient-centric services and build effective communications among all parties involved in hospital activities. Drucare‘s Clinic Management System (CMS) is a powerful web-based solution for providing better healthcare. It reduces nurses’ and doctors’ workloads while also improving the business process between doctors, nurses, and patients. It is projected to develop sooner since manual tasks are increasingly being digitized.

Disclaimer: The content is submitted to Drucare by Pranav Kuchimanchi