Explaining about online doctor consultation app

5 Must-have features of a Best Online Consultation App

Features of Best online doctor consultation app

With the continuous expansion of the impact of telemedicine in our world today, the demand for the best online consultation apps that help connect the patients to available doctors is also increasing and in a geometrical manner. This means, in the nearest future almost everyone will be dependent on these online consultation apps for doctor’s consultations and basic healthcare checkups that can be done from the comfort of home.

With the increase in demand, comes an increase in production, and with that comes multiple options that make it harder for patients or doctors to decide what is the best online consultation app that is suited for them. Well, that would no longer be a problem, as I will break down what the best online doctor consultation app looks like and should do.

1.User Friendly

Let’s start from the basics, what’s the best online consultation app if it’s not user-friendly if the target user cannot navigate it properly? Well, I would say, not good at all. A good consultation app should look very less technical or complex. It’s for a wide variety of people who have little or no technical knowledge, it would be vain to add too many technical features that just make it hard to use.

That said, you should look out for this. Anyone can say what’s a good user interface just by using the app, so choose wisely.

2.End to End Encryption

Of course, you cannot tell if a consultation app has this just by searching it and downloading it, you might even be wondering what end to end encrypting means, Well, end to end encrypting is in simple terms a technology that ensures that only you and the person you are sending your message to can read it. It’s encrypted from the sender’s end and decrypted when it gets to the receiver. This is put in place to ensure that third-party apps and hackers cannot have access to your data or your conversation with your doctor. So the best online consultation app should have end-to-end encryption.

3.Account Creation

A best online consultation app should provide an easy and stress-free way to create an account and be able to book appointments with all necessary data easily made available to the doctor. This should also be able to save important health details and record of appointments and other necessary information.


As a health professional, I am sure you don’t want to tell your patients you are only available on iPhone, or on Android phones, or worst case only on Desktop or mac. The best online consultation app should be accessible from all devices. A patient wouldn’t want to go as around looking for a device that has an app available on its store when they need urgent medical advice. A best online doctor consultation app is available to everyone, not a group of people.

5.Data Storage:

The importance of data in the consultation service cannot be over-emphasized, so it’s very important that the data is stored on a reliable platform that can handle the traffic and also guarantee the security of data. I am sure no one wants an online consultation app that keeps crashing from time to time or one that all of a sudden reports missing data. Guaranteed Data security and easy data retrieval are a big part of the best online consultation app.


The above are just some of the major features a best online doctor consultation app should have, but that’s not all, there’s so much more and to really find a good one, it goes with a lot of trial and experience with many consultation apps. The good thing is since you’re here, you can check out our consultation app which satisfies the above and more and keeps getting improved. Visit your app store to download DrucareCliq, access quality healthcare service from the comfort of your home.

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