Coronavrus-Telemedicine for corona patients

CoronaVirus-Telemedicine Primarily For Corona Patients

Coronavirus-Telemedicine primarily for corona patients

It’s no longer news, the heavy impact of coronavirus is on literally everything in the world today, it affected the food sector, tech sector and many other sectors but most importantly, the health sector. Most of the hospitals reached capacity so fast and worst is, these health professionals had to stay working despite the risk involved. This virus spread has had a lot of horrible impact on the world but has also revealed among many other underrated things, the power of telemedicine.

            Due to the high spread of coronavirus, it became important to reduce the number of patients that visited the hospital for services they could easily receive from the comfort of their home. And to also ensure that all patients who finally had to visit the hospital already have their health concerns registered to help reduce the risk of doctors and all hospital professionals contracting the virus. This is all Telemedicine.

Even though the technology has been around for a while, coronavirus has revealed its importance and all the benefits it comes with.

Enough of all the backstory. Let us now talk about the impact of telemedicine on Coronavirus and how it helped corona patients in the hard times of the pandemic.

What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is the administration of healthcare service through a call or other means of communication over a long distance. Telemedicine has been a very much needed savior to the healthcare system, during this time of a pandemic when the healthcare system is at its peak on capacity and barely surviving the impact of the virus.

The impact of coronavirus on telemedicine can be seen in the following situations.

  • Corona Patients can inform hospitals about their status before visiting so the hospital care professionals can take into preparing the adequate provisions to attend to the patient and reduce the risk of contracting the virus.
  • For patients with minor illnesses that can be treated through drug at home, administration can now access this service without having to visit the hospitals thereby avoiding exposure to the virus.
  • Patients can be advised over the phone whether or not to take a coronavirus test based on the signs they show. This will help them to avoid taking unnecessary or even exposing themselves to those kinds of situations.
  • In most situations, patients who were infected with the virus can recover just by staying at home and living a healthy life due to the high recovery rate of those infected.  Telemedicine has helped to make this possible. And this on another hand also helps protect unhealthy patients who could get worse if they contract the virus since the hospital is only full of these people.
  • Through telemedicine coronavirus, patients from remote places can be attended to easily without going to the hospital. To help get them the help they need in situations where they don’t need to be admitted.
  • Through telemedicine, more people have access to healthcare thereby increasing the recovery rate of the coronavirus.


Telemedicine has been of huge impact to the health care sector since its start and has only gotten better over time and is not going away anywhere anytime soon, so if you haven’t joined the train yet, you probably should. The current pandemic would have been definitely harder to handle if not for the use of technology such as telemedicine. Its impact will be felt a lot more even after the pandemic because everyone can now see how useful it is. So by now, you would have understood what is telemedicine and its importance.

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