Electronic medical Record

An HMS Without Electronic Medical Record! What are you missing?

Electronic Medical Record

The Hospital Management system is made up of a lot of modules that fall under The Operational, Financial, and Medical Modules. One of the most important modules under the Medical Modules is the EMR which stands for Electronic Medical Record.

This is actually really important because it focuses on the Patient who is obviously the focus of the whole idea of a healthcare system. It is more than a replacement for paper records. This will help to effectively communicate between the healthcare team to provide better patient care.

The Electronic Medical Record is a technology that manages patient data such as patient medical history, and overall patient information. This replaces the physical charts of Patient medical records usually found in doctors’ offices. This helps medical practitioners electronically access patient information which they require to help them deliver quality healthcare service to patients. The Electronic Medical Record will have the patient information such as:

  • Demographics
  • Medical History
  • Drug Prescriptions and Allergies
  • Laboratory Test Results
  • Personal Information
  • Immunization Status
  • Billing Information etc.

Based on the usefulness of the EMR, it benefits both the medical practitioners and the Patients.

Some of the benefits of Electronic Medical Record for Patients are as follows:

  • Improved quality of healthcare delivery.
  • Error-free Patient records directly influence how healthcare service is delivered.
  • Remote access to patient information such as Drug prescription without any need for paper written reports.
  • Speedy Diagnosis due to the availability of accurate patient records.
  • Paperless Hospital visits.

Some of the benefits of Electronic Medical Record for Healthcare Practitioners are:

  • Will have Less paperwork
  • Easy access to patient records.
  • Facilitates more accurate Diagnosis.
  • Helps to Improve Prescription decisions.
  • Generates reminders for Follow-up care and maintenance.
  • Saves time in retrieving, filing, and organizing patient records.
  • Improves Billing Process.

Here are the 4 core Features of an EMR:

1.Synchronous Records:

An EMR makes it possible for healthcare providers and patients to both have synchronous access to patient information. In this case, the healthcare provider gets updated information about the patient in their care without having to ask the patient and going through a whole conversation with the patient about what treatment or medications they have received so far.

2.Warnings and Reminders:

Medical providers go treat a number of patients per day and it can be really hard to keep track of which patients follow up consultation is due, so an EMR makes it super easy to keep track of that and also in the case of patients who are in chronic conditions, an EMR helps to keep check of their improvements and warning signs.

3.Speedy Service Delivery:

A major part of traditional healthcare delivery is catching up on what has been done so far. A patient’s medical history. Going from one office to another to fetch certain files. All this is now in the past with EMR. This saves patient time as every information or file required can be easily fetched and treatment can be administered faster. This also saves the Health providers time they can spend treating other patients.

4.Connectivity and Communication:

An EMR improves patient-healthcare provider communication and also improves the connectivity across departments in the hospital. Patients don’t have to go from one department to the other with a repeated explanation of what they want. Orders and reports can be sent across various departments.


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