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How Drucare Software Can Help in Ensuring Data Security

Data security is of the highest concern in the healthcare sector. It holds the highest priority for any healthcare organization to ensure that every proprietary data, as well as patient data, is safe. As we move further with digitization, data security becomes a prime concern for every vertical within the healthcare domain.

This is where the comprehensive Healthcare Management software, Drucare One comes in with its state of the art security measures and operational efficacy.

Security Challenges of the Healthcare sector

Few of the greatest challenges that the healthcare sector faces are with regards to the backup challenges of an ever-growing database. It becomes a herculean task when you consider the pace at which new data is input and the old data may be required. Over this, the possibility of making sense of this data set and understanding the performance of an organization is near impossible.

Added to this imagine a multi-speciality hospital that has hundreds of staff and in-house patients. The operation of the institution will be deeply dependent on the scores of vendors who provide essential services to the hospital. The data of each of these vendors need to be treated with individual priority and of course, ensure every transaction is absolutely secure.

Additionally, within an organization, there is an interdependency with regard to the completion of a task. For this multiple users need access to a data set. Managing multiple users can become challenging at times and may lead to security breaches if the user does not have clearance to view such data.

Multiple Levels of Security Measures for Safe Practice

HIPAA compliant: Drucare One was designed by doctors for Doctors with a deep understanding of all the above-mentioned challenges. The platform is completely HIPAA compliant which ensures Patient data is absolutely secure at every stage of a patient’s journey.

Role-based access control: Drucare gives the highest priority to compliance with data security for both internal and external data. While being a unified platform it ensures that you are able to set user-specific access restricting unrequited viewing or editing. DruCare allows you to manage the access of the entire staff from a single point while keeping it absolutely secure.

IP based access control: Want to make sure that the information of a particular centre is restricted within that centre only? Then DruCare simplifies this worry for you. With dedicated IP-based access control you can restrict users outside your specific centre from accessing your information. This allows you to maintain proprietary data security with the highest standards.

User access logs: With DruCare you can keep track of all the users who have logged in to the application. This allows you to track back to any users at any point if you need to identify a compliance issue at any point. The ability to monitor and view usage details gives you an edge over your staff to ensure every policy is followed with strict adherence making it absolutely safe for your business interest and your clients.

Real-time backup: DruCare One is a cloud-based application. It gives you the advantage of the cloud while ensuring multiple layers of data security. This also helps you to overcome the backup challenges with unlimited storage options giving you access to critical information when you actually require it. While accessibility becomes an advantage on cloud-based platforms, security to enhances with the layers of measures embedded into the application. 

Why should Drucare be your top choice for Secure Healthcare Management?

Drucare One is an application that has been built to cater to the business needs of a digital world. It offers the strictest security layers that ensure that every data that is transacted within a given day is absolutely safe.

Fit for all: Be it as a giant healthcare service provider or as a single unit small business, you are bound to benefit from the multiple advantages of Drucare One. It is a single platform that unifies every facet of your healthcare requirement into an easy to use interface with the strictest security measures.

Auto-updates: As we move into more digital healthcare practice, DruCare One ensures that you stay updated with the latest compliance requirements by constantly keeping its Data Security layers up-to-date. Being an online application you do not even have to wait for the new measures to be updated to the system. It automatically gets updated ensuring strict adherence from day one.

Unified access for monitoring:  Another major point to remember is that it is a single platform that gives you access to the multiple verticals in an organization. Hence with a single platform, you have complete control over the operation of the organization and can monitor performance from a single access. This allows you to keep your data secure while giving you a complete birds-eye view of the operation.


Drucare One is an evolving platform. It is changing as we understand client requirements with changing customer dynamics we are poised to encompass every change with absolute accuracy. Be it the security parameters of international standards or the addition of features that optimizes operation with heightened customer satisfaction, we are ready to fit every need that you may have as a healthcare organization. To get a dedicated demo for your organization, contact us at or call us at
+91-40-48213344 to talk with our representative. Take a step forward towards a modern approach to healthcare management with Drucare One.