Handle your laboratory operations effectively with Drucare Laboratory Software

Handle your laboratory operations effectively with Drucare Laboratory Software

Doctors, Patients, and Experts are subject to your laboratory’s data generated, reported, and processed. While operative with so many high stakes and huge data sets, having an all-encompassing platform that can assist you market, aggregating, and storing information in a more organised way can take out possibly all operational risks from your lab data systems.

Drucare has been designed with insights gathered from a rich source of healthcare institutes and is intended to carry lab-like accuracy to your entire laboratory process. It enables you to smooth out the backend and front end of your entire laboratory’s operations with predominant data collection, insightful reporting, and seamless accessibility.

Make An Improved Patient Experience With All-inclusive Patient Management

  • Furnish a consistent experience to patients with dedicated accounts that give admittance to their test outcomes, historical data, and billing.
  • Streamline patient care by providing admittance to approved personnel like Consulting Doctors for critical patient information.
  • Optimized your resource allocation with automated correspondence frameworks based on patient data that send out exact, convenient, and more compelling messages for report collection, upcoming appointments, follow-up tests, pending payments, etc.
  • Make a secure, reliable, trustworthy, and consistent channel for invoicing patients.

Automate, Optimize, and Secure Reporting

  • Make your reporting system more proficient with standardized active, outgoing reports that consider patients’ historical data and work with the extra elements that assist you in featuring key data points.
  • End-to-end security measures with approval-based e-signatures accessible with advanced digital reports.
  • Enhance reporting privacy and wipe out the risk of stale data being utilized in diagnosis with time-based accessibility of digital reports for downloading and viewing.

Patient Data Privacy/Security

  • Work with only role-based admittance to critical patient information.
  • Dynamic data visibility because of rule-based authorization restricts admittance to just significant data for patients, employees in your lab, healthcare services providers, and the customer interfacing team.

Incisive, Perceptive, And Comprehensive BI For Your Lab Operations

  • The Drucare Laboratory Software likewise fills in as a unified BI tool for producing time-sensitive revenue reports with channels like frequencies, locations, etc.
  • Get a more profound point of view with report customization that considers summary data and sharp insights about the lab tasks, as and when vital.

Streamline Lab Operations With Automated Work processes

  • Make systematic work processes for delegation.
  • Get a clear portrayal of organizational cycles and find bottlenecks without any problem.
  • From sample management to invoicing and closure, get an ideal and timely evaluation of how each progression is acting in isolation and setting of the whole lab’s tasks.
  • Further, develop resource allocation across all lab processes with rule-based workflows inside a similar working platform.

Limitless Patient Profiles And Embedded Barcode Printing

  • Make an unbounded number of patient profiles as your lab tasks develop. Then, add tests according to your accommodation in the system.
  • One-click barcode generation that works consistently with Barcode Printers.

Beyond lab data management, Drucare is a comprehensive solution that improves safety and quality throughout the entire product lifecycle. Configurable highlights assist hospitals and laboratories from sample intake to delivery of precise outcomes, driving intelligent decision-making for your customers and business throughout the entire process.