Clinics Going the Automated way with HMS

Clinics Going the Automated way with HMS

Digitization has simplified our life in many ways. Automation in various aspects of business operations have resulted in enhanced performance with a greater level of accuracy. This is true for every industry. We have seen an up in the level of customer experience that is being given with an increase in the value-added services as well.

This is especially prominent in the healthcare industry which has seen a major shift from manual systems to automated solutions. Healthcare units of all sizes have started making the move to the more Clinics are a crucial healthcare service contributor and account for a major chunk of the service segment.

Can Hospital Management software with steep prices help Clinics?

The software industry has realised the potential of the healthcare domain offers in utilizing these solutions and have definitely delivered a range of choices. There are a multitude of healthcare software in the market now that caters from the very start to the end of a customer journey.

But here is the catch. All of these software are highly-priced and rightly so due to the excellence in the delivery of service. But here is the question. As a low to medium profit range healthcare unit, how much can you afford to pay in monthly or annual subscription of this software?

The software in the market are dedicated to a specific service and often comes with a subscription module. So, for the complete automation of a clinic, you would probably need multiple solutions. This is definitely not how you would like to spend the profits that you earn.

But the question remains. As a clinic do you “need” to opt for management software? The answer is a definite yes. So here comes the solution Drucare One.

Get the benefit of a single platform with multiple work modules

Drucare One is a comprehensive healthcare management software that caters to each and every aspect of a clinic. It offers a highly flexible platform that gives you the ability to scale it as per your requirement.

The multitude of functional and operational modules it offers makes it an all in one solution that is not just cost-effective but highly functional too.

When you are out to select a software solution for your clinic, you need to look at various aspects of it its functionalities. One of them being the learning curve of your staff when you introduce new software.

Drucare is a highly intuitive platform that gives the feasibility to its users to learn as they use it. With easy prompts, faqs and a highly responsive chatbot, you learn the platform in a matter of hours. DruCare gives the most user-friendly experience as an HMS in the market.

Your choice of software should allow easy integration with external APIs for adding features or data migration. With Drucare you can align your operation with third-party vendors and other operating software making it highly feasible for you to access and operate with your data.

Be it appointment booking, registration, billing or follow-ups, your front office work can be handled easily with Drucare One’s dedicated modules. Additionally, you can easily connect with your external vendors; such as laboratories, medical equipment providers, pharmacies and others.

The platform gives the advantage of AI to your Doctors with easy access to data. It even assists in getting a more accurate diagnosis done due to its robust machine learning ability. It enhances the quality of consultation with its e-prescription module and even facilitates teleconsultation as well.

Keep track, manage and plan with an extensive dashboard that gives you a clear idea of your performance with Drucare’s dashboard. You improve your performance a manifold with a clear idea of your how every vertical of your clinic is doing.

Moving with time is absolutely necessary. You cannot afford to stay behind with the level of service that you offer. This will give your competitors the edge over you and get ahead. A single platform for every service does sound rather far-fetched but Drucare does deliver. To know how you can streamline the operation of your clinic with an efficient and absolutely cost-effective solution 
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