6 Reasons why your Hospital should opt for an HMS

6 Reasons why your Hospital should opt for an HMS

Digitization is no longer an option for the industry. It is a must and the Healthcare sector needs to pace up its digital reach as well to ensure it is at par with its competitors. Healthcare Information Management Software can come as a great advantage to Hospitals intending to bring about a full-scale overhaul of its operation.

  • Improve Customer Expectations: With a good Hospital management system like Drucare One you can manage the patient experience in a better way. It allows you to simplify the patient onboarding process, be it for consultation or for admittance into the hospital. With ready access to information, HMS minimizes the loss of data or dependency on complex storage systems that consume time and money.

    The seamless interoperability that Drucare offers is unparalleled and goes beyond the one person one patient service. As a hospital, you will be able to manage the entire journey of a patient journey improving the customer experience by manifold.
  • Cost-effective: A comprehensive Hospital Management System, like Drucare overcomes the limitations of a solution-based system. It gives you the flexibility to utilize a single unified platform to manage operations through every vertical of the Hospital. 

    Moreover, the efficacy that a HIMS like Drucare offers is multifold. It enhances operability with a highly user-friendly interface, it allows accessibility from anywhere since it is cloud-based while simplifying data storage and access. 

    All these factors together make opting for a HIMS highly profitable. Adopting the new and improved HMS will help you to increase your revenue like never before.
  • Enhanced accuracy with better performance: Drucare One is AI-enabled. It runs on a very intuitive algorithm that gives you the upper hand in managing, processing and operating your day to day hospital requirements. It is automated to simplify the time taking the task of data management. It nullifies the occurrence of human errors while also being capable of identifying and rectifying any error in data input if any.

    The detailed dashboard feature allows the management to have a clear idea about how the hospital is performing on a day to day basis. It keeps you abreast of all the operational status of every vertical. You can keep track of the entire patient or staff journey through a single platform.
  • Rapid and Reliable clinical decision-making: Drucare as an HMS has been designed by doctors for Doctors. Hence it is highly function-oriented. It caters not just to the management of the Hospital, it enhances and simplifies the tasks of practitioners as well. The application is AI-enabled and hence is able to learn as it gets used over time. As you start using it, it starts assisting you by auto-filling prescriptions, storing case histories, correlating with similar cases and giving recommendations and so much more. 

    The advanced AI/ML-enabled application makes it possible for doctors to complete their tasks with minimal effort and with absolute accuracy each time. This enhances the decision-making process as practitioners do not have to manually run a comparison between known cases. The HIMS does it for the doctors in a matter of minutes. It saves not just hours of work but also improves the entire diagnostic process.
  • Improved Data Security: Security in the Healthcare domain is of high importance. Manual data systems are more prone to data thefts and security breaches that can compromise both proprietary and patient information. Most HMS offer a high level of data security that helps to cater to every regulatory requirement. But a comprehensive Hospital Management system like that offered by DruCare goes beyond the basic security and delves into complete security for every bit of information.

    Moreover, the Drucare HIMS offers role-based access rights that ensure only the right people have the access to classified data. It stops unauthorized access to datasets ensuring better control over who is able to view your data. When you do offer a highly secure interface that also offers seamless interoperability you are sure to improve both employee and patient experience.
  • Be technically at par: Customer dynamics and expectations have changed. To stay relevant and at par, with the rest of the industry, you need to ensure that you are not behind technically. With a state of the art HMS like Drucare you can upgrade your operations to deliver the best service in the industry. With a highly integrated HMS, you can connect patients with doctors or with laboratories and diagnostic centres with ease. 

    The multiple modules in the Drucare HMS is capable of giving you a complete overhaul of your Hospital operation. It helps to automate every function in a hospital and allows its management from a unified platform. Additionally, the patient care interface allows patients to stay connected seamlessly with their care providers throughout the treatment process- from admission or registration to the billing and thereafter for the post-consultation care.


As a Hospital of any speciality and size, it is imperative that you identify your priorities in the management and work to improve your overall performance. It is absolutely important to understand that the final reputation that you will have is dependent on the service that you render. The Service that you render is in turn dependent on a multitude of verticals that needs to perform in tandem to give you that positive outcome.

Hence when you are choosing a HIMS for your Hospital, remember that you need to choose a platform that is not dedicated only to a single task. DruCare One is an all-encompassing HMS that gives you the edge over others. It is an all-inclusive solution that gives you a 360 degree of control over the performance of every vertical. You can manage both the in-house departments and align with third-party vendors whom you can manage with equal ease.

Drucare is an HMS of the 21st century. Equipped with the latest technology and capable of scaling as per your changing needs. It is a responsive system that learns and scales to fit to give you the best opportunity to excel in your field. To know more about what Drucare can offer contact us @contact@dru.care or request a demo here https://www.dru.care/#/request-demo-form