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    <br> Pour annonces vérifiées escort offre rencontre pour un coup une cible que je me donner une femme libertine. Son superbe visage angélique est encadré de cheveux bruns doux, et ses yeux bruns scintillants sont une pièce maîtresse parfaite pour le portrait de la perfection qu’elle sera pour vous. En 2001 à lui décence s’inquiète et quelques cheveux C´est éventuellement contre la CIA. Instead, he called on resources to treat syphilis, and suggested that information on other diseases be printed in the small booklet (chart) which each public woman was required by law to carry. Instead, he advocated the tolerance of the institutions of “housekeepers and concubines” as a means of meeting the sexual needs of large numbers of single (European) men, while still inhibiting the spread of venereal disease. 18The plantations established in Java and http://www.bonanzascout.com Sumatra after 1870 recruited large numbers of resident labourers. Haga (1901) summarised the medical challenges in three basic points: first, few of the operating prostitutes were registered, thus they were not examined; second, even if they were registered there were not enough physicians and facilities to process the large numbers of sex workers on a weekly basis; so third, the government must be called upon to expand resources for examinations, and institute more rational priorities for detection and treatment of dangerous infectious diseases.<br>
    <br> In the third category were brothels run by Chinese for Chinese customers, featuring very young Chinese women. Non-Chinese visitors were admitted only on the introduction of a Chinese customer. They were often accompanied by a pimp responsible for propositioning potential customers. For a time, the police could not investigate brothels without the permission of the local government leader (ENOI 1919: 514). Misset’s estimate of the number of prostitutes in Jakarta in 1917 was 3,000 to 4,000, which he compared with the 2,000 syphilis infections among soldiers reported each year, and the 5,000 to 6,000 cases of other venereal diseases. 19It was obvious to the government and escorte black paris outside observers at the turn of the century that the local government regulations were hopelessly inadequate to match the speed of development of the sex industry, or the rapidity of the spread of venereal disease. In that pre-antibiotic age Haga dismissed the need to diagnose most sexually transmitted diseases because the prognosis for cure was so poor.<br>
    <br> In 1939 the PERTI Congress in Bukittinggi, representing national Muslim opinions considered and passed a motion calling for more effective civil laws to deal with the problems of prostitution, and particularly to pay greater attention to attacking the alleged increasing practice of prostitution as an important means of controlling venereal disease. Half the European men were living with local concubines up till 1890, and thereafter the decline in acceptability of concubinage appeared to lead to greater recourse to prostitutes (Ingleson 1986: 124). As for the Indonesian population of the towns, as many as 40 per cent of the urban workforce in the last decades of colonial rule were circular migrants most of whom were men (ibid.). One result was that in the areas south of Bandung, and in Subang, Garut, Sukabumi and Southern Cianjur, the location of the estates, many people have the physical characteristics of Europeans, due to the sexual liaisons between Dutch men and native women a century ago (Kunto 1993). The sex industry in Bandung and other larger towns in West Java derived much business-albeit at different levels-from estate managers and supervisory staff seeking entertainment at weekends, and from estate workers spending their pay and spare time in search of companionship.<br>

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