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    <p> There exists no proper definition regarding E-government (EG), since the conceptual understanding is still on process.
    The generally understood view about e- Government is that, it uses Information and Communication technologies by government agencies. The main reasons for using E-governance can be summed up in following points. </p>

    • Exchange of Information with public, business or other government departments.
    • Expediting the delivery process of service.
    • Enhancing efficiency and effectiveness.
    • Minimization of cost and maximization of revenue.
    • Remodeling of administrative process.

    <p> The essence of EG can be summarized as “the enhanced value for stakeholders through transformation”.

    </p><p> E-government is creating a fundamental change in the whole public sector model, values, and culture and the ways of conducting business by utilizing the potential of information and communication system (ICT) as a tool in the government agency.
    The introduction of E-government will induce radical changes in existing systems and the relationship between government and public. This change will have its own impact on socioeconomic, cultural, political, technological, scenario, and therefore any Government must deal it with care contemplating its adoption. This study is based on how e-government system can be adopted and implemented in developing countries like Saudi Arabia.

    The key technological and organizational issues that affect the system is investigated and how this issues can be dealt with and implemented in practice. </p><p> Barriers in EG application: </p><p> The main problem that rises whenever a new system is launched, is lack of awareness, about the system.
    There is always a resistance to change. People have general fear about implementing a new technology and they are skeptical about it. </p><p> Also to implement the system properly proper infrastructure of telecommunication service is needed, along with technically expert It staffs.

    Up gradation of software and hardware is also an important factor. </p><p> EG is linked with the use of information technology, such as computer, computer networks, the Internet, to expedite the provision of e-government products and services and to improve interaction between government and citizens and other parties.
    E-government is applying a change and therefore resistance to change from stakeholders is possible. The resistance may be due to lack of skills to adopt new technologies. </p>

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