Camping Trip To And From Hell

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    <p>For some families, it’s enough to go camping in the middle of the wilderness for them to return with a newfound appreciation of know-how, including from toasters, ts xena leblanc and a newfound hatred of her lover’s manners. At the same time, it does not exist, it was not enough for the firm, the smith family. We were about to rush off on a five-hour trip beyond the arctic circle, to a town known as little helskiny, or whatever many people there easily call hell, which i thought was more appropriate. Believe it or not, however, everyone there spoke finnish, as it seemed like this kind of metropolis for finnish immigrants. In reality, it was not a city in general, but a rather disgusting mix of suburbs and campsites. The language barrier has not become so great. In my early years, i learned snatches of good as well as charming finnish when my mother accused my father of sleeping with a neighbor’s wife. Not like a real normal family, my father … Wait, cross that out. I have absolutely no idea what a real normal family is like. Those tv and radio programs, they have an ideal mother and absolutely obedient children, except for those situations in which mischievous behavior can be followed by “boys will be boys”, and lust will be justified by “every girl wants to be liked”, these families are a figment of the imagination of people who control all means of mass communication. My father was completely convinced that he would only be able to bear fruit on the leftovers that are prepared in a fast food restaurant in a small helsinki. It wasn’t mcdonald’s anymore. It wasn’t a burger king anymore. It belonged to lord valdon, combined with a finnish motif, although personally i argued that these drugs were more taken over from norwegian culture. Also, don’t try to find lord valdon in the second credit department. The manager there seemed to have become as obsessed as possible, no pun intended, convincing those users that lord valdon, an international online food chain with thousands of outlets in a historic country, had just become the only one on american soil. Since i did not attempt to investigate this process, i had already come to the conclusion that the partner was a liar. He looked at me as if i had committed a crime. Of course, this was exactly the restaurant that our noble father had expected to live in during our visit to little helsinki. Needless to say, my company and my mother complained. Therefore, as a devoted father, leon promptly stopped by the local cultural center. However, he brought out the clock to familiarize himself with how soon he could run. In his eyes, it was a sporting event. And the results of the race were as follows: 12 boxes of eggo waffles, 2 bricks of vegan cheese, half a pound of corn, bread, a sweet treat, and 40 packages of cool aid (in small helsinki, this is sold as “cool aid”, but not “kool aid”, because one of the poker players complained that the photo curtains violated finnish pride). Adequately dissatisfied with the state of nutrition, like the state of my friends and all the processes in a complex way, we went on. There is something in the life of little helsinki that is important to learn. For a long time, i firmly and deeply believed that no human being can be content with being in a building that literally consists of one room. The population of little helsinki was 20 thousand visitors, which broke this idea. All are not “one-room apartments”, they are literally “one-room buildings”.”There is something else in the arsenal that i really have to tell you about the fact of the accident and the concrete finnish creatures. Some of the walls of such structures are completely glass, and we are not afraid of nudity. Oh, another thing: i’m pretty sure when i say that half of all the lawn decorations that come out on screens in the third world are still here. The postmen function on pink flamingos, and the machines work hard on the pedals, crushing the dwarves. Our father, who so famously boasted of his $ 59,000 “and an increase” in annual salary as a platform for a department store manager, rented a cottage-like detail for the firm. This was done, perhaps, the case that i will call hell housing, second class. It remained slightly longer and bulkier than the traditional hell house. All this does not mean that such a thing remained a rather disturbing sight, that the residents could come here to rest.. And, the term cottage is used quite loosely. It has become conveniently located in a quiet suburb. When i got out of the equipment, i looked across the street at the only one of all the crappy one-room buildings with a screen door and a glass window wall, and an elderly man was hosing down his lawn. There was no device to make the water flow out of the hose properly, just a little, no, my friend. Everything is not worth the built place. The lanky bastard winked at me and said, ” hey, scoundrel! I’m a stranger.” I greeted him with as much false enthusiasm as i could muster, and the craftsmen unloaded the goods into the room as quickly as possible. The courtyard seemed quite spacious. I.E. It was a real courtyard, which was a cottage with a camp table, there were 5,000 with an excess of future shards. I looked at the next lot. A short, fat man, holding a fly swatter in one hand, armed with a transparent yellow visor, with gray hair only half a centimeter high, somewhat similar to a yellow mesh shirt, sat on a chaise longue, looking at the company from behind his favorite team of dark sunglasses that took up the size of the state. I opened my mouth, as if at this moment in my life i was destined by god to say something, to act in accordance with some premeditated thought of adventure and justice, but later i realized that any thing i said would be words, and this person would probably answer. I didn’t say what you were interested in and returned to the address. Another property was protected by a wall of branded trees ™. Soon the girl who would later be known as ogden entered the room. Finnish emphasis on english, because then she switched to finnish. I’m not sure how i feel about this, in any construction, an act of stupidity based on pride, or pride based on stupidity. Although the dish was attractive. Blonde, by the way. It seems to me that to this day it is generally accepted that what kind of patient is enough to find every call girl attractive when she has light hair. I’m not usually ready to go out with the society just to piss off some pathetic council member. In any case, there are no objections at such a time. I replied in english translation. I said with a sickness for, which is worth equating to a southerner with a worm in his legs. ” She opened her mouth, tilted her head, and said: “i’ll take care of your problem, mister!”Hey, anyway, she said it in english. I came to the conclusion that the page reluctantly said products in english translation. No, she seems to jump from tongue to tongue without paying too much attention to it. My aptitude for the object increased by an order of magnitude, while my understanding of her self-esteem lost fifty points. In reality, this restriction was his premeditated action. He would announce that he was hungry, so he had the foresight to recommend lord valdon before claiming it. Our website with my mother refused. While she was talking, she was knitting a hat or a shirt, or even, this or that mess, which was supposed to be a work of art, described in what way our hectic life was.” She kept talking, so i moved to the courtyard, where i was greeted by our overly large neighbor. We exchanged glances. For a second, i was pretty sure he hated me as much as i didn’t want to talk to him. I was happy with that. I build a fire from a pile of wood my father bought. And around the fire i lined up six boxes of ego waffles. I assume that decoration will be my only form of sustenance for the next one-and-a-half to two weeks…. Then i entered the front lawn, where ungeldorff met me. I didn’t really understand what he meant. I mean, in case you say, “i’ll be with the viewer in a second,” it usually conveys the feeling that the user has been asked for someone’s presence. It is clear that i did not do this. He pushed his mower across the eight-by-2-foot lawn that was there, pulled it back, and walked across it again. Finnish accent with english subtitles. It seems to me that the player is experiencing atrophy of either the ego or the body. Believe it or not, there is a real beer of the “finnish flavor”model. I said it. He handed it to me, i opened it and began to drink. I kept in the first half of the pose, going to drink. He pointed to the edge of the jar, on the vastness of which was a label with the inscription: “so, scandinavian, it will become unpleasant on demand, if you never shout three times and do not drink before drinking!” Under the general minuscule font was the chief surgeon’s warning about birth defects. I don’t think i read such a step in the same order. I stared at him for a moment, then crossed to any side of the street. I told him. I didn’t dismiss his organization in the most nonchalant way: “i’d rather hear those 3-and yells and whoops, though”Ungeldorff was the most important of all the representatives of the stronger sex, who, despite the fact that the baby’s mood did not change, he had to change his facial expression with every new phrase. Tighten your facial muscles, imitate a new pose, i’m not sure at all. I could almost feel the specialist watching me as i returned to my parents ‘ rented cottage.”I sat down on a plastic chair, one wall of which was taken to be glass, and its counterpart – from a plush blue or dark emerald shade, i can’t remember (or not play), and i see that the fire in my yard is actually quite bad. I drank my beer without three shouts and hooting. No need for ungeldorff. Finnish accent? Yes, from now on i decided to try not to decipher the nature of where i am while i’m in hell. If he became my best friend and my only friend in hell. I was ready to make a peace treaty with the smoker. His duty is to supply me with cheap and effective alcohol. It was my duty to let him speak. I was wrong. He was preparing to belch. Which the player provided quite subtly. I said: “i agree with the data. Heritage and in your own kitchen, beer, yes. ” I thought that the viewer can actually completely disconnect from anyone, pretend that you are in about another store, and also provide a random sentence of a series of words that the visitors accept, and these people will be satisfied with your presence. It really worked. I was inadvertently admitting what a vietnam veteran i was when using this method. He was a living contradiction. With every new thought, a new facial expression or physical posture would appear, so he was the least complex living being in the world. I liked the above-mentioned things there. I have a confession to make. I was carried away by the fantasy of friends. Indeed, all people know what it is, and used the above-at a certain time. This is if all of this, which with our help, will become wonderful friends, if we make the understanding that the friends that are available here are our jerks, or we usually do not want to appreciate that any people are different. I have always imagined my best friends as readers of rousseau and marx. I imagined my friends as passengers who have a dictionary where you look at periodicals and also don’t know ” synonym for diary.”I imagined my friends as intellectuals with a heightened sense of apathy: we love to complain about a deteriorating civilization and decaying social conditions, but only over inexpensive beer. After saying that, he turned to me and hugged me while i continued to drink his beer. Focus on food and beer. He released me and pulled over to the side of the road. A neighbor a few houses later was rearranging the rings on the lawn. He added: “elect gubendorf as mayor! Republican party “Yes, gubendorf is a really good guy,” ungeldorff said, taking a sip of beer and expressing approval. After all, i was interested in politics and the sociology of humanity. “He can change little helineski’s name to another helineski,” ungledorf began. He claims that our team is large enough to remain recognized not as subordinates, but as equals to the old country.” I immediately started drinking his beer faster. “Yes, she’s a hot ass,” ungledorf began. Oh, look! Here she comes!” With my finnish scent in my hand, i turned to look for the girl i thought i was always hunched over and grimacing. His words were translated into a chuckle when i tried to look like an idiot as much as possible, and she didn’t understand the joke. She giggled and went on her way. Ungeldorff said, in case his eyes rolled all over her body, if she left. Then, in the early stages across the street, i nodded, carrying a six-pack. Upon entering the apartment, i saw that every side of my family had dispersed. My father was probably cursing himself when he ordered a fourth helping from lord valon. I try hard not to dream about everything my mother can do. Ignorance is bliss. Or, at any rate, ignorance does not lead to disgust to the point of vomiting. I looked through one of the walls, it was a whole glass window. Our neighbor, for some unknown reason, was wearing swimming goggles. Before the time required for the mandatory wave had passed, i quickly turned around and entered the courtyard, turning my back on a huge man or woman, i do not know, i also did not recognize it. I’d had four beers while i was at ungeldorf, so those six had to just add to the hype. I opened the first can and took a few sips. I must confess. This is a fairly low-quality alcoholic substance. At the same time, this fact really does its work. Then i noticed that if our fattest neighbor was watching me, i started chewing. So i poured some gasoline into the wood-fueled fire pit and threw a match. The bastard rose to a height of six feet. Using the push-through tool, i held out four egg waffles. I didn’t even have anything to wear for them. No margarine, no jelly, nothing. I was just going to eat them easily. They were finished in about a few minutes, by the time i had finished half a six-pack and peed twice. Despite the fact that you’ll agree to them now, they seemed to be carefully buttered at discretion. But that’s what happens when you’re drunk. I finished the next can of finnish flavor. There were two creditors left and i was very devastated. Finnish. I turn around. Abundance is our loyal friend, a great neighbor. I was drunk. Let the calculation be understood first. I was clearly and exceptionally drunk. The fire was still burning, and there was one empty box of waffles and eleven unopened boxes of waffles scattered across the lawn-how far they got there, i can’t remember. I suggested. His eyes lit up, and he smiled. It was only right then that i realized that we had a cap that protects our hair from getting wet by nature. He grabbed a crate of waffles and hobbled away. I immediately regretted my decision. What happened next is blurred. I don’t remember the design. I immediately realized that i passed out drunk in the sandbox in my yard. Ogden was shaking me. I shout, standing up. The scents of finland really got to me. It was dark outside. I had no idea when i fell asleep, or how many days i started drinking or making waffles. Soon i had a drastic urge to urinate, and i was very thirsty. My immediate goal was to cure these needs. Up to that point, i had intended to refer to ogden as an inanimate object to which i had no obligations-and those general obligations that we owe to our fellow human beings. I filled a cup from the sink with water and drank without stopping. Then i noticed with disgust that the side of the cup read: “finland! How else?” Yes, but where else? I can name a lot of other places i’d rather be. Hell, their only natural site is metal bands. Next, i cast. I looked around the house. We weren’t all there. The lights weren’t on. Where the hell are my parents? Why is there no clock in my apartment? Why is there no clock in this fucking city? I got outside, slightly hungover, stomach full of water, bladder completely empty. This was not caused by the night. The sky was grayish. I didn’t know where my moms and dads were and i had no idea what time it was. The idea of the conditions, which i do not know where some of the people called or where the sick people went, and perhaps what time or day it is, reminded me of what it is like to stay in a drug haze. A drug-fueled haze where you spend long days drinking, swallowing medication, and smoking shit, but i was the most sober and most bitter bastard in little helsinki. Then i hear shouts coming from a different angle of the street. I go out through the front lock mechanism and ungeldorff shouts at the neighbor’s guy on the opposite corner of the street. A certain observation that must be taken into account. When i look with lazy eyes and get bored at our two fools exchanging insults through political beliefs that in the modern world do not contain meaning, have not exactly experienced meaning and in no case should not lead, there is something that i am aware of for sure. A strict ban on alcohol will definitely not work. As soon as they thought? View such people. Look at any of them. If you assume that you are improving society by taking away drugs and booze here, you will be part of the common enemy of humanity. Yes, now they insult their partner, but after half an hour they will start drinking together, and talk about how much they either like or hate each other. For everyone, you are not able to exist in different ways. Which is quite scary when you are surrounded by them and their sick fetish about the country of finland. Who really believes that we have to stop people from helping themselves to fucking pass out? I didn’t say anything. I closed the castle and the settlements. Ogden sat down next to me. I said it. If she said that, her eyes would look full length, and her foot would tap. She looked at me with a smile when i complimented her. I said: “i’ll talk to you later.” I closed the bathroom door and undressed. Now let me get something straight. I know how you can appreciate a good comfortable temperature shower, maybe even borderline hot. Or elementary steam from a scalding hot shower. I really understand that. But i don’t understand how the representatives of humanity have the opportunity to be against a cold shower. I understand the social dogma that a cold shower is good for eliminating sexual arousal among people and no, this is correct, but how to start with this. The greatest thing in being is not an orgasm. Komon, quite possibly. But if you’re not fucking, a cold shower will be good. It excites all the physical senses. I took a shower and dressed warmly. And slowly, millimeter by millimeter, i moved the dial closer to the cold. Repeatedly, waiting for fifteen seconds between each adjustment while the water runs through the pipes and the heater, getting colder and colder. This restriction was established. What was fresh… At this point in this cold shower, the others opened the bathroom door. You need to realize ” what is hell. I hear ogden’s voice in finnish. I fantasized that more of our fellow citizens would feel the same way on a daily basis. She pressed the back of her fingers against the curtain, and i saw her silhouette with her head down. I said, pulling back the curtain by nature. She undressed in front of me and turned on the shower. Of course i never did. Everyone started kissing. Now i understand the reader’s natural answer: how do you know to fool around or just kiss someone with whom you have exchanged less than a hundred words? Yes, perhaps half of my readers ask about the presented. The other half have penises, and such a service knows the answer. This will really be an eternal question, at least until our company does not intend to adrogin in the future, which is undoubtedly possible. So long as men don’t leave, there will be one fact that women will have to deal with: our whims will be to fuck any living object around all of humanity. Being a natural urge, it has the potential to become great. Being an urge in general, it is able to be ugly. The moral value of a man is unlikely to be judged by his promiscuity. No need for everything . It’s an old moral. Anyway, by the end of my life, ogden and i have already made out on a chair, just as i’m finishing my speech on ethics and sex. I kissed her on the chest. I said it. I sat down and leaned back on the sofa. She started dancing on my lap for about a few minutes, and then moved away and started dancing on the opposite side of the room, about 5 feet away from me. I said, but obeyed. I really, really started masturbating. It will take a quarter of an hour, but there will be no orgasm. With these words, she made a double turn and rushed across the room. I said, starting to masturbate in front of her again. I mean, the purchase didn’t leave the sex, however, it was a good nude dance. She also seemed like a very cool chick, according to the five or six words we exchanged. Anyway, the ones who were here that didn’t know the attention to porn. Really speaking, it was tempting. And ten minutes later, i actually had an orgasm. A finnish accent, if she spoke english. I said: “let’s go.” Of course, there is not the slightest suspicion of them, which in the technical conditions of the night i subsequently did not experience an orgasm. The key drawback is the male anatomy. For the most part, the second orgasm can occur strictly simply. In addition, conducting hacking yourself does not benefit at all. But i continued in my spirit. An hour and a half later, with the same strength, nothing. I asked. Reception on the channel was not good for a long time. Simply put, it was called a cable program that you could pay for. On the common side of the monitor, in the deteriorated quality, there was a porn film. On the back corner, also in a deteriorated quality, there was a cooking show. I said it. At the specified moment, a pair of headlights enters the driveway of a neighboring house. Here i noticed a potential evil that can form as a result of living in a room here almost the entire surface of the wall is made of glass. I said, only, before i could continue, she walked out the door in her bra and panties, carrying her clothes. I go out through the front door of the castle and see mr. Undeldorff holding a finnish flavor in one hand and a cigarette in the other. She met his gaze. He looks up, waves at me to grab my attention, as if i’m completely oblivious to everything that’s just been going on, and gives me a thumbs – up as he disappears into the upcoming country mansion, ” i said to the quiet silence. I was very disappointed with the way the evening went, given my enthusiasm at such an early stage. In the bag i had brought with me, i had a bottle of pills full of valium. It belonged to my mother. I’m not going to give you a boilerplate excuse. I took it even though i knew it belonged to her. I took 40 milligrams, drank some vodka that my parents had safely hidden in a vegetable crate, and passed out after 3 hours of a mixed series of achievements and failures in shitty, low-quality porn. 2-4 hours later, heck, it was still days away. By that time, i had lost all sense of the deadline. I woke up again with a piece of paper taped to my cheek on the lawn. To the well-being, it wasn’t called the sandbox. The original purpose of the shower was there to cure the ailments of sleeping in the sand. Damn busy with business. I almost believe that my parents came here with the premeditated intention of forcing me to overdose on drugs. I was overjoyed, and i don’t want to know and also don’t want to understand what my mother is doing now, and also if she ever does. But it looks like i have 5 days to kill. I repeated my last routine: empty my bladder, drink a glass of water. The sun was shining brightly, given the above, i know what it was like to have some daylight. I was just leaving my apartment when i realized, ” if you walk out that door, you’ll have to look at a scoundrel who recently had one hot night of fucking with a beauty, from where you spent two hours warming up.” But gradually i realized that her specialty was not fucking, but dancing, and yet i left. Big fucking loss. Seeing that it was a very habitable and otherwise useless one-horse town, i returned to it and went to the second courtyard. I was a little hungry for waffles. But! Oh, a miracle! No boxes of waffles were found on the surface This intrigued me, and i squinted as if i’d missed a piece of the puzzle. I, of course, know who did not make a mistake in the total that i had. I do know that twice i have become quite devastated, how in the intervening time i will be able to do everything that is required without remembering the step i took. My waffles may have been taken, but who? I shout as i step out into the alternative courtyard: “did you take my waffles?” I ask my too-big neighbor. Sometimes, my reader, you can’t match at all, and the process was one of many times as i kept going, returning to the lawn of the house my parents rented.. Now i was hungry and also in the absence of food. I went inside, opened the cabinets, and there were twenty cakes. I am able to drink a couple of sips before, but the choking becomes definite. I also discovered that the bread my father had purchased was gone. In our place is a note: “to my son, from my mother: i fed all the bread to the ducks. However, there is a taco right here. Everything is gentle.”To put it bluntly, i should shout,’ where the hell did these invisible people come from?” I needed to prepare another meal, something edible, all sorts of games to eliminate this insatiable desire, it was laid in me as an instinct. I would also prefer that the touch did not become shit. Now, the purchases that come to my head, i admit, such sites may look strange, such stores seem uninhibited, but, under any circumstances, i’m honest here. So, now my thoughts resort to my most natural instincts: how to get rid of this hunger? I think about it for a minute, and then reconsider the idea later. I turn on the tv to the region’s supposed porn channel, channel 931. Basically, i had to watch a man go down on a young lady in a thong. It looked like there was an english cook making some pretty good food…. I sat in the latch, which seemed rather worn out due to the lapdance. I looked. “Ingredients: turkey, corn, cheddar jack cheese, bread.” Mmmmm, i’ll improvise. Immediately i said to myself, ” i am recommended to use valium.” I took two medications or twenty milligrams to hold on. I listened to the instructions of this british chef. Okay, okay, i guess she said a lot more than that. Yes, she used a huge number of words in addition, but in case i looked through her instructions, i decided to shorten them. Okay, so the turkey’s out. I’m a vegetarian. Fuck. I’m a vegan. I don’t eat any meat or dairy products. Another long time is possible and untouched though! I grabbed it, cut it open, and told him to read it for a sandwich. Then corn. I pulled it out, threw it in the pot, and started boiling it. No turkey, and not a second of turkey improvisation. Only corn and vegan cheese. However, as my mother rightly and nobly pointed out, there are tacos here. Don’t worry, let’s try. When the corn was pretty cooked, i mixed this art with vegan cheese and put it between a few tacos, and later took a huge bite. Let me say this is what. This british chef completely resold the specified product. Yes, it wasn’t built very basic. This was done in an interesting way. But, of course, i had no more than 16 mini-sandwiches. Especially, it is vegan, and none of the products used in it are created due to abuse. So i walk around this place that my parents rented, eat vegan sandwiches, wait for the valium to kick in, wonder where i can buy some booze, and think about how much i’ve hated finland more since i’ve been in hell. I found myself in the second yard, holding two mini vegan sandwiches in my arms. When i go out, i notice that my friend, targobin, holds a waffle on a fork and in a short time tries to move it up, down, left and right, trying to hide, but only realizing that physically he agrees, can not do anything to deceive someone. I said, ” no, it turned out that way.” I ate one of them, and then i went back to the apartment. I step out onto the lawn in front of my mature people’s rented cottage and stand there, studying my surroundings. I have heard it said, and due to the fact that such an author is omniscient according to the rules of writing literature, i have heard it said that this is exactly what happened to ungeldorff and ogden. He took to fuck her. She said that many are normal, as long as such a step is in the car. Ungendorf is more than willing to comply with this request. They go nowhere, park on the curb, and copulate like rabbits. This should be considered a relatively normal human activity. But there is a little that i must tell the reader before i finish the story. First of all, there is a question about the car. Cars in hell (“little helineski”, whatever happens, fuck you), cars in hell, are very different from the average american car that serves you. These are literally car frames, but with double-glazed windows. Well, any time, almost. It will remind you of the abode of hell. One wall can also be just an entire window. In a car, the window takes up almost the entire size of the car. The site provides this really attractive view. Ungeldorff fucks ogden in his travels, on the surface of those who pass by, for two hours. When i heard such a move, i obviously became as angry as possible, and disappointed. She teased me for a few hours, just to fuck the guy at the same time. Damn good. But it seems that apart from the fact that no one called the police, if they fucked for hours on end, and each other did not have a case before. I don’t know. Maybe the hacking is just finn culture. And, it also makes sense to note that ungeld shouted unpleasant phrases during this phase of sexual selection among mammals. All this, like ” oh, fuck you, daddy!”, ” Who better understands finland!?”, “I’ll fuck you harder than finland” and how much is my name, bitch!?” And so on, and so on. It is likely that he adapted to the “gangster” motif, i am not too sure. I felt my data not too confident, far from hearing the second fact. Second, there is a problem about the relationship of these two. Now that i saw ogden run away from my apartment, and after i saw the furniture just having sex with me (har-har), i thought that clothes must often be promiscuous. I knew very well what a porn bunny would do to an ugeldorff if she asked to stay with such a bike when she was warmed up at my place (yggrrrrr). So, they are one-night stands, representatives of humanity who attach significant importance to their sexual libido and are happy to please it through the medium of a stranger. Politically, culturally, socially, hell, even economically, i have never had any difficulties with this kind of people. If you were born with a wish, then there is a reason for solving the problem, but when you satisfy it with these quirks of nature, then do it and it is not my problem. They have had sex for a very long period and go through the use of many condoms. In such an action van, they fucked from such a night until noon the next day. The good part is here. And that’s what she said. Now, at first, when i heard the porn bunny say that to him, i had a damn blank face. I didn’t know how to guess. Really, really, it would be easy for us to reason like that. Of course, it is better to guess where a person is crazy than to understand him. But over time, as i was looking around the rented space for food selection, an idea came to mind. Urban? Apart from the un-gentrified area? Perhaps the problem in incest occurs mainly in an un-gentrified area. Perhaps everything that the girls did, she considered “urban opposition” and “rural support”. ” But, according to my opinion, all the offers are useless. It’s worse to steal a nickel from a five-year-old kid who doesn’t know they’re missing than to fuck a man who has the same blood in him as you do. Which brings me to my third and final topic: bwahahahahahahaha! Ungeldorff fucked his stepfather’s daughter! At first, i thought i would sleep better knowing that there would be no erections or sexual thoughts for 14 days, but as time went on, i felt sorry for him. He fucked the one he’s been convincing you over the course of his biography that he won’t be able to fuck: the “uncle” he thinks is his “family”.”It’s the equivalent of going to bed with some evil hot brunet who talked about a social revolution, and waking up with any 400-pound girl whose only words are,’ feed me or eat me… ‘ Naturally, this is a very scary idea and right now, if i think about it, i’m sorry i talked about the step i took, it’s no secret in the new century, but at the same time, in the moment that ogden put me through, i have the right to laugh visibly about what ungeldorff did. And i’ll laugh. As much as i hate it, homo sapiens society has a finite character that is undeniable, beautiful, and absolutely stupid. You hate it, but gradually you agree to hate it. As for me, i now didn’t care about the question of what happened to ungeldorff or ogden… I mean, i never cared about ungelfdorff for a fleeting fucking heartbeat, but ogden seemed calm for a second. No need for those two, no need for little helsinki, man, no need for hell. I took a walk through the historic center, which i should have done, met with a few of you, and spent the rest of the week tripping over acid and swallowing pills. Xanax, valium, klonopin, codeine, freaking oxycontin. Damn, those any number of days that i spent with such children, passed in a fog. The effect of the narcotic mist was back, which was convenient. When such an item is your fifth date, after you swallow klonopins and lie on the floor with the continuous aroma of marijuana in the atmosphere so do not assume what is going on-well, it is convenient for me when you have family and peace available to you, as among me, drug dens will be a permanent part of your existence. And by this i mean the constant part. In the event that at the same time you will not be able to choose a drug den, you will form your own large drug den, you will get to the point that you will study chemistry in order to purchase methamphetamine, it is clear: so that visitors have a drug den psuedo (ordinary drug dens prohibit methamphetamine heads, from the fact that such sites are in most cases fucking crazy). But, yeah, you know what i’m driving at. As a result of my drug binge, i came back. However, other stories also come up about how shitty my life is. I said, ” before we leave, i’ll talk to the other tenants.” I came out of the rented website also i had the feeling that i was “leaving here”. I don’t think it’s easy to describe. This is extremely typical for any child traveler who, due to his will or desire, is obliged to continuously leave one job or arrive at the necessary one. In principle, this is about the following phrase: “a site visitor gets the opportunity to do one thing that he wants. No item makes it difficult for you to return. You’ll blow up the police department, and by the time the investigation starts, you’ll be 2,000 miles away. And other things, and so on..”But at the same time, it is about the following phrase: “they will be the last 3-5 kg of moments when i can create memories that happened to us, learn how to create a position in this being for the people of the visitors i met.” I combined these two emotions of one feeling ” i’m leaving this and crossed the street. For 2020, i think it’s pretty clear that nothing has changed at all since our last conversation. I have met in a certain place in ancient, ancient books that among ordinary internet users there is a prejudice to remember great people in order to borrow recognition and fame in life. This is what i felt in ungeldorf right then and there. I wasn’t going to argue with the office. Lord valon’s steward, with whom i had argued an unlimited number of times, was perhaps a god. I left, saying goodbye to his secrets in finnish. I asked, heading for the vending machine without wasting any time on anyone else. I fell asleep quickly, but was quickly awakened by the endless city noise and bustle of the northern hillbillies crowding into and out of the existing shitty dining hall. Lord valon. Really? What the fuck? I get out of the device and go to the establishment to molest a qualified employee. I was about to leave when something caught my attention. Anyway, thirty minutes later, as my parents drag me out of the restaurant and out to the cars and miles and miles of highway, i can’t stop laughing. I can no longer repeat the various facts. I really learned the meaning of life, my viewers. This guy is the father of any stupid jerk who tried to be your friend, only instead louis vuitton fucks a girl who teased you for a few years, and in the end he is emotionally traumatized by this for a long time, due to the fact that they have common stepfathers, and this stepfather, as happens to me, is a friend whom you hate, into whose life you throw an endless charge of insults. Yes, my viewers. He says that because of this, and in addition to four or 5 days spent on acid, pills and marijuana, i discovered the meaning of life. This is the kind of tom that i would rather put her to bed than jerk off to some dancer. And will the site visitors believe that i planned to start this story by saying, ” my name is richard, i’m 17 years old, and my favorite hobby is making waffles,”?</p>

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