Breathing Exercises Can Help Soldiers, Police Officers and Fire Fighters

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    # 4 months ago

    Even though many jobs (both “good” and “bad) are largely sedentary, there are certain very noble lines of work in which it is vital to stay physically fit: fire fighting, police work, a place in the military. Frequent exercise is very important so that people in these jobs can work effectively and stay safe.

    Still, keeping fit is not just about doing drills, running, or pumping iron a lot. It is also about making optimal use of the body you have, at a cellular level. In other words, you might have huge muscles and be in great shape, but if your cells are unable to get enough oxygen and expel waste gases like carbon dioxide, you will not be able to function well.

    The value of breath control and good breathing habits in general is most obvious to fire fighters. Being able to hold your breath without slowing down or feeling faint can lessen smoke inhalation. Proper exhalation (people tend to focus on inhaling, but not on exhaling when they try to improve their breathing) can also help you get rid of harmful gases if you do inhale them.

    You might be surprised at how you can get some of the most effective breathing exercises: singing. Holding all those long notes means that professional singers (especially classical ones) have to learn how to make the most out of a single breath. You can take advantages of these exercises, too. No, this airphysio does it work (”>visit the up coming internet page) not mean that you have to lobby for a piano at your workplace, so that you and your colleagues/comrades can vocalize. There are breathing exercises that singers use, which do not actually have all that much to do with music. You can find some of these on the Internet, but if you would prefer a closer, more reliable source of information, contact musician friends for a few tips. You can take advantage of the breathing techniques, even if you dislike music.

    Then again, you might already know such exercises. Perhaps you are a singer in your spare time. In that case, your skills have a practical significance, besides being good for your own entertainment. You can use them in your work, in order to keep your head clear, and maintain the best gas balance in your body.

    There are other types of breathing exercises that can help you. This time, we are not discussing exercises to help you hold your breath, but breathing patterns that can calm you down. Needless to say, a job in the police force, the military, or at a fire station can be very stressful. Sooner or later, you will find yourself in a situation your training has not prepared you for, no matter how tough your training superior was. Deep, regulated breathing keeps your muscles from tensing unnecessarily. It also keeps your mind clear, so you can make the best possible decision based on your goals, objectives and orders. In a high-stakes situation, a cool head is just as valuable as a fit body.

    Make good breathing a part of your fitness and training routine, so you can do a great job, and stay safer to boot.

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